• Machine Data Dreams

    Machine Data Dreams are data-etchings of video signals logged during my Signal Culture Residency last year. This is accompanied by Raspberry Pi video loops showing the original footage shot onsite at Owego. The video signals are from the Barbie camera, Critter and Guitari Videoscope, PixelVision and Sony Videorecorder. All were captured in my portable Arduino data logger, which […]

  • Flight Pattern

    I shot this video at the San Francisco dump, where seagulls continually fly overhead, searching for scraps of food in the waste stream.

  • Tweets in Space

    Tweets in Space beams Twitter discussions from participants worldwide towards GJ667Cc – an exoplanet 22 light years away that might support extraterrestrial life.

  • Reality Simulator

    This “interactive” sculpture lets you play the role of different characters such as Yoda, Princess Mononoke and Queen Elizabeth by tapping into the brain’s neocortex and altering your perceptions.

  • Infinite Power

    This "imaginary device" acts as a modern reinterpretation of the perpetual motion machine, which generates excess energy and thus violates the First Law of Thermodynamics.

  • Cat Mouse Trio

    Cat Mouse Trio is a 3-channel installation that uses multiple perspectives, unscripted choreography as three camera people follow one another.

  • Black Hole Series

    Black Hole Series is a mediation on virtual excess, using 3D-rendered geometry.

  • Double Reflection

    This is a hidden surveillance camera in public space, disguised as a sculpture.

  • Home Stories

    My dad died in 1994; my mother in 2005. Each had a cache of unlabeled home movies, for which I invited storytellers create narratives.

  • Conversation Piece

    Video of a light bulb with pull-strings is displayed on two small black-and-white monitors.