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    The Sniffer

    This "imaginary device" is a scent-based resource detector, which helps people find food and other scarce items during times of crisis.

    Infinite Power

    This "imaginary device" acts as a modern reinterpretation of the perpetual motion machine, which generates excess energy and thus violates the First Law of Thermodynamics.

    Gift Horse

    Gift Horse is a 13-foot high sculpture depicting the mythological Trojan Horse and is clad with digitally-printed wood textures to resemble a 3D model in real space.

    No Matter

    No Matter is an installation of “imaginary objects” made both in Second Life and physical space.

    Conversation Piece

    Video of a light bulb with pull-strings is displayed on two small black-and-white monitors.


    2 x 2 portrays the psychology of online social networks such as MySpace, Friendster and Second Life as a participatory sculptural installation.

    Sometimes I Feel

    A small black-and-white video monitor is embedded in a common plastic gasoline can.

    Keep It Together

    This installation is a human-sized stack of cinderblocks with a disembodied black-and-white monitor placed at hand level inside the tower.

    Simon Says

    Simon Says is a modified electronics piece, which explores how language and expressions are used.

    Angry Burger

    Angry Burger is an animatronic bronze casting of a hamburger that periodically yells, swears and makes irrational observations.