Participatory Art

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    Cybernetic Spirits

    Cybernetic Spirits is an interactive electronic artwork, where participants generate sonic arrangements based on various sacred fluids

    Imagine 2049

    Imagine 2049 is a time capsule that I buried  at the New York Hall of Science

    Universal Mailbox

    The Universal Mailbox lets you send a note to any person at any time at any place.

    2049 Hotline

    This phone booth communicates with emissaries from the future, who describe what life is like in the year 2049.

    After Thought

    After Thought is a portable personality testing kit, which uses flashcards and brainwave analysis to test stress and relaxation levels.

    Ghost in the Machine

    In this installation, we ask the question "what is the Ghost in the Machine?"

    Wikipedia Art

    Wikipedia Art is an intervention into Wikipedia and uses "performative citations".

    Double Reflection

    This is a hidden surveillance camera in public space, disguised as a sculpture.

    No Matter

    No Matter is an installation of “imaginary objects” made both in Second Life and physical space.

    Video Portraits

    I ask a stranger if I can take photograph and instead I record video with my digital camera.