Participatory Art

  • Quarantine Connections

    This film envisions a "Viral Communication Network" in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Exotopia

    Exotopia is a virtual reality installation where visitors can explore all the known exoplanets — thousands that have been discovered in the last 20 years.

  • Cybernetic Spirits

    Cybernetic Spirits is an interactive electronic artwork, where participants generate sonic arrangements based on various sacred fluids

  • Sonaqua

    Sonaqua creates sonification orchestral arrangements of water samples based on electrical conductivity

  • Imagine 2049

    Imagine 2049 is a time capsule that I buried  at the New York Hall of Science

  • Universal Mailbox

    The Universal Mailbox lets you send a note to any person at any time at any place.

  • 2049 Hotline

    This phone booth communicates with emissaries from the future, who describe what life is like in the year 2049.

  • After Thought

    After Thought is a portable personality testing kit, which uses flashcards and brainwave analysis to test stress and relaxation levels.

  • Wikipedia Art

    Wikipedia Art is an intervention into Wikipedia and uses "performative citations".

  • Double Reflection

    This is a hidden surveillance camera in public space, disguised as a sculpture.

  • No Matter

    No Matter is an installation of “imaginary objects” made both in Second Life and physical space.

  • Video Portraits

    I ask a stranger if I can take photograph and instead I record video with my digital camera.