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    Angry Burger

    Angry Burger is an animatronic bronze casting of a hamburger that periodically yells, swears and makes irrational observations.


    Traffic is an interactive metal sculpture.


    Involuntary is a semi-static metal sculpture.


    Pyrocycles was a mobile pyrotechnic installation built for Burning Man 2003


    Surprise! is an electromechanical installation that disrupts the usual traffic flow in an art gallery setting.

    Viewer Feedback

    Viewer Feedback is a study on the materiality  of television the television set, which slowly crushes TVs in a live performance.

    Octopus Car

    The Octopus Car was an art car that performed a musical fire show and was a site-specific mobile installation for Burning Man 2002.

    Puzzle Box

    Puzzle Box is an interactive metal sculpture.

    Play Plane Crashground

    The Play Plane Crashground is an interactive fire installation designed for Burning Man in 2001. It depicts the wreckage of a plane flight, as a metaphor of human hubris.

    Alien Jellyfish

    This is a metal sculpture of of an alien jellyfish-like creature.