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    2 x 2 portrays the psychology of online social networks such as MySpace, Friendster and Second Life as a participatory sculptural installation.

    Stolen Moments

    Every shot from Stolen Moments was surreptitiously acquired from public computers at a prominent art school in the Midwest.

    Future Memories

    Future Memories compiles the "in-between" shots from Hollywood movies into a loose narrative video series.

    Men Seeking

    This is an architectural sound installation, which plays voicemails of men who are using online services to find a long-term girlfriend.


    Handwork is a single-channel affective video projection of the artist as he attempts to learn to crochet.


    Embedded in a business traveler's briefcase is a black and white monitor, which plays video of a crudely constructed explosive.

    Sometimes I Feel

    A small black-and-white video monitor is embedded in a common plastic gasoline can.

    Keep It Together

    This installation is a human-sized stack of cinderblocks with a disembodied black-and-white monitor placed at hand level inside the tower.

    Gun Control

    Gun Control is an electromechanical installation, which explores underlying issues of both security and surveillance.

    Simon Says

    Simon Says is a modified electronics piece, which explores how language and expressions are used.