• 2×2

    2 x 2 portrays the psychology of online social networks such as MySpace, Friendster and Second Life as a participatory sculptural installation.

  • Stolen Moments

    Every shot from Stolen Moments was surreptitiously acquired from public computers at a prominent art school in the Midwest.

  • Future Memories

    Future Memories compiles the "in-between" shots from Hollywood movies into a loose narrative video series.

  • Men Seeking

    This is an architectural sound installation, which plays voicemails of men who are using online services to find a long-term girlfriend.

  • Handwork

    Handwork is a single-channel affective video projection of the artist as he attempts to learn to crochet.

  • Terminal

    Embedded in a business traveler's briefcase is a black and white monitor, which plays video of a crudely constructed explosive.

  • Sometimes I Feel

    A small black-and-white video monitor is embedded in a common plastic gasoline can.

  • Keep It Together

    This installation is a human-sized stack of cinderblocks with a disembodied black-and-white monitor placed at hand level inside the tower.

  • Gun Control

    Gun Control is an electromechanical installation, which explores underlying issues of both security and surveillance.

  • Simon Says

    Simon Says is a modified electronics piece, which explores how language and expressions are used.