• Wikipedia Art

    Wikipedia Art is an intervention into Wikipedia and uses "performative citations".

  • In the Hole

    This is a short performance, where I hide in old mechanic's pit in a garage filled with strangers.

  • Double Reflection

    This is a hidden surveillance camera in public space, disguised as a sculpture.

  • Home Stories

    My dad died in 1994; my mother in 2005. Each had a cache of unlabeled home movies, for which I invited storytellers create narratives.

  • No Matter

    No Matter is an installation of “imaginary objects” made both in Second Life and physical space.

  • Conversation Piece

    Video of a light bulb with pull-strings is displayed on two small black-and-white monitors.

  • Video Portraits

    I ask a stranger if I can take photograph and instead I record video with my digital camera.

  • Paradise Ahead

    Paradise Ahead is a print and performance series that blurs the line between document and event in Second Life.

  • Uncertain Location

    This video/photographic installation recreates the lost Apollo 11 moon landing tapes.

  • Tile Project

    Tile Project is an exploration into "social currency".