River Glitch

Generative Sound Installation 2022


River Glitch is a site-specific installation at the Soča River, in the Slovenian Alps. Responding to the historic drought of 2022, this sculptural sound installation reflects the disruption — a glitch — in the local ecosystem as plants, fish and microbes have died off in the wake of human-produced climate change.

The sculptures use discarded building materials, as a gesture of artistic reuse. With eight different sensors, tracking activity in plants, lichen, trees and water quality, live data modulates each sculptures output, expressing various voices of concern. The installation produces a synchronized glitch orchestra.

A jar of mycelium, representing an evolved adapted climate change organism acts as the conductor of this raggedy group of sonic players, where bleeps, churns, grinds and other disruptions get played into a cohesive soundscape.


To the PIFCamp for their support