Botanic Quartet

Large Scale Sculpture, 2010


In collaboration with Victoria Scott

Gift Horse is a 13-foot high sculpture depicting the mythological Trojan Horse and is clad with digitally-printed wood textures to resemble a 3D model in real space. Using the metaphor of the Trojan Horse as computer malware, we have filled its belly with hundreds of paper sculptures of viruses. These are built in public workshops and range from real viruses such as Smallpox and Rabies to famous computer viruses like ILOVEYOU and Elk Cloner to imaginary viruses including Andromeda Strain and Cooties. In a celebration of the viral nature of art and ideas, we snuck the viruses into museum spaces and unleashed them onto the floor of the museum.

Selected Press

Retro-Tech, Dorothy Santos, Shotgun Review, October 8th, 2010
ZERO1: A Trojan Horse in Spartan-land?,ARTSHIFT San Jose, Bradshaw, September 19th, 2010
A Trojan Horse in San Jose?, Nancy Ewart,, September 10th, 2010
How to Build a Trojan Horse, Stark Insider, September 3rd, 2010

Selected Publications

Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance, Nathaniel Stern, Arts Future Book, 2012


ZERO1 Biennial, September 2010
artMRKT, Electric Works Gallery, May 2011

Credits & Thanks

Thanks to ZERO1 and the San Jose Museum of Art for financial support