Generative Sound Installation 2024


Do mycelium have their own language? A recent study by renowned scientist, Andrew Adamatzky reports that some mycelia species communicate through electrical signals, similar to that of the human brain with 50 unique “words”. Although his work needs further development, what this discover could be in a possible a “fungal intelligence” with distributed signals and no central brain.

Fungitopia was inspired by this research and captures live electrochemical data of various mycelium samples and translates these signals into music, based on his scientific methods. The installation uses five different mycelia cultures and maps their electrical signals to various instruments, forming a generative soundscape.

Evoking chance music work pioneered by John Cage, this is uses live data to generate musical possibilities. This soundscape  slowly transforms and mutates, switching instruments over time with endless possibilities for sonic direction. As an ambient soundscape, this sculptural installation asks the question of whether or not mycelium have their own intelligence.


Bombay Beach Biennale, 2024