Unnatural Language creates sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment.

Unnatural Language

Unnatural Language creates sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment.


Sonaqua creates sonification orchestral arrangements of water samples based on electrical conductivity

Strewn Fields

Strewn Fields is a data-visualization of meteorite impact data etched into stone.

Chess with Mustaches

Chess with Mustaches is a set of six mustachioed 3D-printed chess pieces, created in response to a legal threat from the Duchamp Estate.

Water Works

Water Works is a 3D data visualization and mapping of the water infrastructure of San Francisco.

Data Crystals

Data Crystals are a series of 3D-printed sculptures, which I generate algorithmically from open data sources. These manifest a vision of what data physically looks like — one possibility for 3D data visualization.

Imagine 2049

Imagine 2049 is a time capsule that I buried  at the New York Hall of Science

Moon v Earth

Moon v Earth is an augmented reality artwork, which depicts a future narrative where a moon colony run by billionaires declares its independence from Earth

Universal Mailbox

The Universal Mailbox lets you send a note to any person at any time at any place.

Reality Simulator

This “interactive” sculpture lets you play the role of different characters such as Yoda, Princess Mononoke and Queen Elizabeth by tapping into the brain’s neocortex and altering your perceptions.

2049 Hotline

This phone booth communicates with emissaries from the future, who describe what life is like in the year 2049.

The Sniffer

This "imaginary device" is a scent-based resource detector, which helps people find food and other scarce items during times of crisis.

Infinite Power

This "imaginary device" acts as a modern reinterpretation of the perpetual motion machine, which generates excess energy and thus violates the First Law of Thermodynamics.

Gift Horse

Gift Horse is a 13-foot high sculpture depicting the mythological Trojan Horse and is clad with digitally-printed wood textures to resemble a 3D model in real space.

No Matter

No Matter is an installation of “imaginary objects” made both in Second Life and physical space.