Internet Art

NFT Culture Proof

NFT Culture Proof is a large-scale participatory text performance on the Blockchain

Quarantine Connections

This film envisions a "Viral Communication Network" in response to the Covid-19 pandemic


EquityBot is a stock-trading algorithm that “invests” in emotions such as anger, joy, disgust and amazement.

Imagine 2049

Imagine 2049 is a time capsule that I buried  at the New York Hall of Science

Tweets in Space

Tweets in Space beams Twitter discussions from participants worldwide towards GJ667Cc – an exoplanet 22 light years away that might support extraterrestrial life.

Moon v Earth

Moon v Earth is an augmented reality artwork, which depicts a future narrative where a moon colony run by billionaires declares its independence from Earth

Gift Horse

Gift Horse is a 13-foot high sculpture depicting the mythological Trojan Horse and is clad with digitally-printed wood textures to resemble a 3D model in real space.

Playing Duchamp

Working with the records of his chess matches, I have created a computer program to play chess as if it were Marcel Duchamp.

Wikipedia Art

Wikipedia Art is an intervention into Wikipedia and uses "performative citations".