Unnatural Language

Unnatural Language creates sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment.


Flagscape is a Virtual Reality artwork that constructs a surreal world of economic exchange between nations, based on United Nations data and explores data-navigation techniques.

Cybernetic Spirits

Cybernetic Spirits is an interactive electronic artwork, where participants generate sonic arrangements based on various sacred fluids


Sonaqua creates sonification orchestral arrangements of water samples based on electrical conductivity

Imagine 2049

Imagine 2049 is a time capsule that I buried  at the New York Hall of Science

Tweets in Space

Tweets in Space beams Twitter discussions from participants worldwide towards GJ667Cc – an exoplanet 22 light years away that might support extraterrestrial life.

Moon v Earth

Moon v Earth is an augmented reality artwork, which depicts a future narrative where a moon colony run by billionaires declares its independence from Earth

Future Memories

Future Memories compiles the "in-between" shots from Hollywood movies into a loose narrative video series.

Gun Control

Gun Control is an electromechanical installation, which explores underlying issues of both security and surveillance.