NFT Culture Proof

NFT Culture Proof is a large-scale participatory text performance on the Blockchain

Symphonic Forest

Symphonic Forest creates improvised soundscapes arrangements from tree data

Botanic Quartet

Unnatural Language creates sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment.

Unnatural Language

Unnatural Language creates sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment.


Exotopia is a virtual reality installation where visitors can explore all the known exoplanets — thousands that have been discovered in the last 20 years.


Flagscape is a Virtual Reality installation where national flags dance and fly in a visual choreography and audio cacophony.

Strewn Fields

Strewn Fields is a data-visualization of meteorite impact data etched into stone.

Celebrity Asteroid Journeys

Celebrity Asteroid Journeys uses asteroid orbital data from JPL, estimated spaceship velocities to charts imaginary travels from one asteroid to another as silkscreen prints on wood panels.

Hello, World!

Hello, World! is the first algorithmically-generated artwork sent to space and is a data visualization of the both the population and the carbon footprint of all the major cities on Earth. 

Bad Data

Bad Data” is a series of data-visualizations, which I etched onto aluminum honeycomb panels using a high-pressure water-jet machine. They take the form of static objects, which collapse time into a single viewable space, emphasizing the ruptured surface of the material itself.


EquityBot is a stock-trading algorithm that “invests” in emotions such as anger, joy, disgust and amazement.

Water Works

Water Works is a 3D data visualization and mapping of the water infrastructure of San Francisco.

Data Crystals

Data Crystals are a series of 3D-printed sculptures, which I generate algorithmically from open data sources. These manifest a vision of what data physically looks like — one possibility for 3D data visualization.

Playing Duchamp

Working with the records of his chess matches, I have created a computer program to play chess as if it were Marcel Duchamp.