OK Covid

Net-based Generative Poetry

OKCovid is a generative exchange of love poems through two electronic agents, which gets transmitted by broadcasting different wifi network names (SSIDs) as the lines of text itself.

Viewers at various distances can see poetry on their smartphones by looking at for a Wifi network to connect with and watching short phrases that change on their connection screen.

Using simple pattern-matching and pre-generated lines of poetry, one agent will respond to another such that it appears to be an actual conversation.

This work was inspired by the endless messaging often without outcome on online dating sites, such as OKCupid.

Technical Details

These are two ESP32 (like an Arduino) chips that serve up their own WiFi network SSIDs and constantly change their names.

From an installation perspective, the two modules get plugged into different AC outlets. They take up very little room (< 6" each). No internet or any other technology will be required. [/av_textblock] [/av_four_fifth]