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Urban Data Challenge

Last Saturday was my first-ever hackathon — The Urban Data Challenge, sponsored by GAFFTA, swissnex, the Berkeley Center for New Media and Rebar. I arrived at 9am and introduced myself to Casey Reas, co-founder of Processing, who was leading the hackathon and a super-nice guy. When I was working as a New Media Exhibit Developer at […]

Amazon Preferences & Queer Latinidad

I just finished reading “Queer Latinidad” by Juana Rodriguez, which I downloaded for the Kindle (perfect medium for theories of electronic discourse). This single purchase seems to have glitched my Amazon preferences. As a straight, white male, I now get recommendations that contradict my “personality profile”. Check these out: Onto the text itself: I found myself fascinated by Rodriguez’s textual […]

Materiality in 3D Prints

I’m resuming some of the 3D printing work this week for my ongoing 3D data visualization research (a.k.a. Data Crystals). Here are four small tests in the “embryonic” state. Step 1 in the cleaning process is the arduous process of using dental tools to pick away the support material. I have four “crystals” — two […]

Digital Fabrication Success

I’ve been working on a Digital Fabrication Technique for building precise 3D-faceted forms. I ended up making an armature, which is close to a good solution, but still has too much play in the joints. One of the other resident artists at Autodesk, suggested a solution where I make wooden squares to solidify the joints […]

Digital Fabrication — Better

After the “Digital Fabrication Fail” based on my self-defined Fabrication Challenge, I’ve gotten closer to a more precise solution. After an evening of frustration, while riding my bike home, I realized that an armature for the 3D sculptures would be the solution. This is a bit tedious design-wise since I’d have to custom-design the armature […]

Digital Fabrication Fail #1

I’m working on some simple tests or my Faceted Forms Fabrication Challenge . I started with this model, which has 10 faces and is relatively simple. Then, I laser-cut these pieces from a 1/8″ sheet of wood. And, I also cut out these joints. Then, using the brad nail gun and glue, I began with the base […]

Fabrication Challenge — Faceted Forms

The fabrication challenge for some of my new sculptures is to devise a way to transform models in 3D screen-space into faceted painted wood forms. The faceted look is something I first experimented using papercraft sculptures in the No Matter (2008) project, a collaboration with Victoria Scott. I later expanded upon this idea with the 2049 […]

The Art of 3D Printing

My new work on “Data Crystals” is featured in a new episode of Science in the City, produced by the Exploratorium. You can watch it here. The behind-the-scenes production involved many emails and then a quick video shoot. Phoebe (the videographer) interviewed me in the conference room at Autodesk. We had about 25 minutes to shoot the […]

Laserkerf and Mathophilia

Every cutting tool has a kerf — the amount of material that the tool itself removes in the cutting process. With a table saw, it tends to be large, like 1/8″. The laser-cutter has a small — but significant kerf. I cut a 1/4″ notch and then used the calipers to determine that I have a […]

Photography Imitates New Media

Usually “new media” pulls from other art disciplines: video, sculpture, photography and many more. This morning, I saw this photographer’s (Alex John Beck) work on facial symmetry portraits on one of my art news feeds. He shoots a subject then mirrors their faces so that they have two symmetrical portraits, one from their left side […]

@mkgandhibot — the last of the quotebots

@mkgandhibot is up and running and quoting away. This is the last of my straight-up quotebots and the 6th in the series. Why did I choose Gandhi? Simple: he is one of the most quotable and compassionate leaders ever. There were others such as Martin Luther King Jr., but MLK tended to have longer quotes, > […]

3D printing: before and after

This is hot off the 3D printing press. Last night, I sent out one of my “data crystals” to the 3D printer and in the morning, I got this beautiful print. After about an hour of cleaning off the support material with dental tools and a high-pressure water jet, I got something below. It looks […]

@maewestbot goes online

I recently activated the latest Twitterbot (5th in the quotebot series), running off the Raspberry Pi in my closet. Say hello to @maewestbot. She’s only got 4 followers, so far and 1 of them is me, but every rising star has to start somewhere, Her zingers such as “Is that a gun in your pocket, […]

First 3D Print, 15 hours later

This is my first-ever 3D print, still in it’s embryonic state. About 70% of this is support material, which I will have to painstakingly scrape away. However, I love the way it looks now, like architecture of an imaginary city.

Shane Hope’s Dissident Future

I caught the last day of the Dissident Futures show at YBCA this Sunday. One of my favorite works was the mixed media works by Shane Hope, whose work I became familiar with while living in New York in 2008-9. His approach to future-thinking influenced my own 2049 project, which unambiguously embraces the future by traveling into […]

@helenkellerbot and @abelincolnbot go live

I just activated two more of my Quotebots — Twitterbots that produce daily quotes on the hour + minute of their progenitor’s death —@helenkellerbot and @abelincolnbot. These are both new members of my Bot Collective project, which is a series of algorithms that post on Twitter (or potentially other places), joining @marktwainbot and @suntzubot. @helenkellerbot’s […]

Video of Talk at DXArts

The video of my talk at DXARTS 450 at the University of Washington is now online (thanks Ed Shanken for inviting me!). It’s a real treat to have an editor put something together, where they cut between my slides and me talking. I’ve long ago become comfortable with how I look on video and sound on […]

Cracking the Code

After some several days of brainstorming on generating 3D models using simple coding tools, I started diving into Processing* using Marius Watz’s Modelbuilder Library (which is incredible). This is what I have going so far. Super-excited about the possibilities! Version 2 with “clustering” algorithm * Technically speaking, I’m  using the Processing libs with Eclipse, which […]

Introducing @suntzubot

@suntzubot is the newest member of the Bot Collective. This is another quotebot (there will be several more) before I create a second generation of Twitterbots . Why did I pick Sun Tzu as an emissary from the past? Because his writings in Art of War influence still military leaders. Here are some quotable gems: The art of war is of vital […]

@marktwainbot + Bot Cache

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Twitterbots and just a few days ago, I wrote my first one: @marktwainbot — a simple quotebot, which sends a tweet every day at the exact hour and minute of Mark Twain’s death. The quotebot isn’t super-exciting, but I wanted something that was easy to make and was a proof of […]

Imagine 2049 Time Capsule

As part of the “2049” project for the Regeneration show at the New York Hall of Science, I will be burying a time capsule called “Imagine 2049” on the grounds of the NYSCI. I will be asking visitors both locally and remotely to submit inventions that might help people in the year 2049 such as […]

Lunar Independence Flag

For the upcoming show, Moon Lust, this is one of serveral augments that I am making (in collaboration with Mark Skwarek) for Moon v Earth, which portrays a fictitious struggle of moon colonists for independence from Earth.

Augmented Reality workshop reportback

On the weekend of March 31st-April 1st, Upgrade! SF (I am one of the co-founders) produced its first ever workshop. The theme was Augmented Reality and the guest instructor from Boston was artist John Craig Freeman. The full reportback is here on the Upgrade SF! site

Augmented Reality Workshop with John Craig Freeman

  Learn how to use Augmented Reality with media artist and activist John Craig Freeman! Upgrade! San Francisco is proud to present a weekend workshop called “Making Art with Augmented Reality”, hosted by SOMArts in San Francisco. Register here: http://bit.ly/yj0lKo Your artwork will be included in the “I Am Crime” show, along with a 17 x 22 print! When: […]

Sperm Bank – a popup show

This weekend in San Francisco, I will be presenting a popup show in conjunction with Wire + Nail Gallery called Sperm Bank. Working with playful interpretations of the masculine seed, I will be selling various goods for the holidays. You can purchase plexiglass multiples for your wall, soap and vinyl cutouts with special versions for […]