Fungitopia at Four Chicken Gallery, June 27 (2024)

Fungtiopia opens at Four Chicken Gallery: 432 Cortland Ave, San Francisco on June 27, 6-9pm. 

This will be a new version of this artwork, which I developed this year and presented at the Bombay Beach Biennale a few months ago.

Inspired by scientific research that mycelium may have their own language, I developed this installation, where four different mycelium samples will “play” an ambient soundscape based on their live electrical data.

Imagine entering a large side room with yoga mats, where you can lie down and relax to a slowly-changing soundscape with four different instruments changing and fading in and out, evoking a psychedelic immersion.

Or, you can enjoy the refreshments and examine the mycelium in the front room, where we can talk about the art and look at the data flow from the mycelium.

A left-brain and right brain, of sorts.

Four Chicken Gallery is a pop-up gallery in Bernal run by the generous Todd Hanson, who curates short-run shows, and it is perfect for this artwork. I’m excited to bring this to my community here in the Bay Area.