Biden Bingo

The 2020 Presidential Election is just several days away. We anticipate hours in front of the TV on election night, waiting for the results. Biden Bingo is a game you can play to entertain yourself and your guests as you watch each state go for Biden (yay!) or Trump (boo!). This project is a collaboration between Scott Kildall and Mark Woloschuk.

Download 100 unique Biden Bingo Cards here.

Print out several cards, circulate them amongst your friends, either in person or virtually and play the game as the election results trickle in. We may not have a winner, due to all the confusion and delays associated with this year’s election, so Biden Bingo could be a several day experience.

However, I’m still optimistic that we will have a winner (Biden) on November 3rd.

Please circulate this page link to your friends.  We’d love to have everyone join in a Bingo celebration with a hopeful Biden victory.


How it Works

Download the .zip file (above), which contains 100 printable PDFs (8.5″ x 11″) of unique Bingo cards. You may select any number of cards to print out for you and your guests. You may want to play two or three cards, select which cards from the lot to play or improvise the game in any way.

Each card has only three paths for a possible Biden victory, all of which contain at least one swing state and no republican states. When that state is called for Biden, X it out. Bingo is 5 in a row: across, down or diagonal.

New York is always center since it will be Democrat, it is Trump’s home and well, it’s New York, so we may offend them if we don’t give them the center square.

Of course, as we saw in 2016, anything can happen. Texas could become Blue (yes!) or a blue state could flip to Red (nooooo…), but we are both hopeful and confident that Biden will win despite Trump’s shenanigans. Ever though we are optimistic, people have to actually Vote for Biden to boot Trump out of office.

Interested in the Source Code?

I built this in Processing and the source code is available here, on GitHub under a Creative Commons License.


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