Fabrication Challenge — Faceted Forms

The fabrication challenge for some of my new sculptures is to devise a way to transform models in 3D screen-space into faceted painted wood forms. The faceted look is something I first experimented using papercraft sculptures in the No Matter (2008) project, a collaboration with Victoria Scott.


I later expanded upon this idea with the 2049 Series sculptures such as the Universal Mailbox and the 2049 Hotline. I constructed these sculptures from found wood at the dump while an artist-in-residence at Recology SF.

The problem I had getting the weird angles to be exact. I don’t have strong woodworking skills and ended up spending a lot of time with bondo fixing my mistakes. I’d like to be able to make these on the laser-cutter…no saws and no sanding and have them look perfect. Stay tuned.

malbox phonebooth


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