Digital Fabrication Success

I’ve been working on a Digital Fabrication Technique for building precise 3D-faceted forms. I ended up making an armature, which is close to a good solution, but still has too much play in the joints.

IMG_0920One of the other resident artists at Autodesk, suggested a solution where I make wooden squares to solidify the joints in the armature. I cut out a variety of squares, each with a slightly different width+height, to account for the kerf of the laser-cutter. I also laser-etched them with their measurements.IMG_0917You can see here where I cut out a groove in the bottom of the armature, 1/8″ deep. The square fits nicely in there. I found that 25/1000″ seems to be the right amount of compensation.

IMG_0921I also added squares for the top joints.
IMG_0923Using the brad nailer, I adhered the bottom squares to the armature.


Then the top squares and then the bottom panel of the structure.IMG_0925I built up the structure quickly. The precision of the armature made it easy to align the wood-paneled faces.

IMG_0927This is what it looks like before I put the last panel on.

IMG_0928And done! No glue or anything. Easy assembly.


It looks just like the model!


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