Digital Fabrication Fail #1

I’m working on some simple tests or my Faceted Forms Fabrication Challenge . I started with this model, which has 10 faces and is relatively simple.

digital_fail_solidThen, I laser-cut these pieces from a 1/8″ sheet of wood.

IMG_0904And, I also cut out these joints.

IMG_0905Then, using the brad nail gun and glue, I began with the base and built up the structure using the joints for support.IMG_0909The first level, with the rectangular base went well.IMG_0910However, when I started assembling the trapezoid sections, I quickly ran into problems. The nail gun pushed the joint blocks away from the wood, and it was difficult to align the joint pieces correctly. I had to redo sections over again. Although this photo doesn’t entirely capture the first-try-failure, you can see the nail holes everywhere and also the gap between the joints. I threw in the towel pretty quickly and went home to sleep on the project, and hopefully, will come up with a better solution.IMG_0913


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