The Art of 3D Printing

My new work on “Data Crystals” is featured in a new episode of Science in the City, produced by the Exploratorium. You can watch it here.

The behind-the-scenes production involved many emails and then a quick video shoot. Phoebe (the videographer) interviewed me in the conference room at Autodesk. We had about 25 minutes to shoot the interview portion of the video. She filled me in on her intentions for the piece and asked me to talk about a few general topics related to 3D printing.


Fortunately, over the years, I’ve become very comfortable with my voice and image. She also did a great job of making me look smart. I explained my new “Data Crystals” project, which is in the research phase. I am looking at open data sets provided by San Francisco Open Data Portal and mapping them as 3D sculptural objects. You can see me holding some of the 3D prints on the video.




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