Video of Talk at DXArts

The video of my talk at DXARTS 450 at the University of Washington is now online (thanks Ed Shanken for inviting me!). It’s a real treat to have an editor put something together, where they cut between my slides and me talking.

I’ve long ago become comfortable with how I look on video and sound on audio. In the last several years, I’ve become 100% comfortable with public speaking — and I love doing it. (I still indulge in too many ‘ums’…this will take some practice).

Plus I got a chance to talk a little bit about my work at The Exploratorium, tying it back to my art practice.

Here are some recommended sections, since the whole video runs for about 50+ minutes.

Intro + No Matter: 00:00 – 8:31
Wikipedia Art: 21:10 – 26:45
Exploratorium: 43:00 – 50:35

Also, this is the Vimeo video of Grand Theft Avatar, so you can watch one of the Second Front performances in better quality.

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